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NomaniNomani Satuala (He, Him, His) - Interim Director

 Nomani serves as the Interim Director of New Student & Family Programs.  He works across both the Division of   Academic Affairs and the Division of Student Affairs to help programs, policies, and new initiatives to better serve   students and their famlies. Before starting in our office, he  worked for Utah College Advising Corps and Granite Peaks   Adult Education in assisting students with their transition to  higher education. Nomani has a strong passion for access   to higher education and social justice. Nomani completed his master's degree in the Educational Leadership & Policy   program as well as his bachelor's degree at the University of  Utah.




Erin Sine (She, Her, Hers) - Associate Director

 Erin works with New Student Programs, including Swoop Camp, Campus Life Mentors, and Picture Your First Year and  Your First 100. She considers it a privilege to assist the new students of the university. Erin also oversees office  marketing.  She is a master's student in the Education Leadership & Policy program at the University of Utah.  Erin  completed a master's of art from Savannah College of Art and Design, but more importantly is an alumna of the  University of Utah where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in International Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in  Photography.  Erin was born in Salt Lake City where she was raised a Utah fan all her life.



Tammy Thuy Nguyen (She, Her, Hers) - Interim Assistant Director

 Tammy works with Transfer Programs for New Student & Family Programs. Before starting in our office, Tammy was  Director of Exercise and Sport Science Fitness within the College of Health. She also was an Academic Advisor in the  Academic Advising Center (formerly University College) advising first-year students, transfer students, and general  education. She is excited to be working with transfer students again, as she is also a transfer student herself. Tammy  holds a master’s degree in Public Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Health and Science. She is also  currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership & Policy here at the U.


Deepika Shah KcDeepika Shah KC (She, Her, Hers) - Program Coordinator

 Deepika serves as the Program Coordinator for New Student And Family Programs. She is a recent graduate of the   University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science in International Studies and Ethnic Studies. She worked with the   underrepresented students as the Outreach Mentor for Gear UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for   Undergraduate Programs) and Peer Mentor for Diversity Scholars Program to help them navigate through higher   education. In her undergraduate years, she was involved as a leader on campus for Asian American Student Association   (AASA), International Student Orientation and NASPA (National Association of Student Personnel Administrators). She is   excited to continue working with students through orientation and looks forward to the various possibilities in student   affairs. 

 JanaJana Stoneman (She, Her, Hers) - Administrative Assistant

 Jana oversees the Office Assistants and financials for New Student & Family Programs. She is excited to be learning a    part of campus she has previously been unfamiliar with, coming from the student government office at the U. Jana loves  the energy and passion that comes from students, and enjoys helping them succeed. She recently completed her Undergrad  degrees in Film and Journalism from the U, and hopes to pursue a master’s degree in the future. As a Utah  native, she loves being at home on campus, and hoping she is making students feel the same way.



ZoeZoe Worthington (She, Her, Hers) - Graduate Assistant for First-Year Programs

 Zoe is a Graduate Assistant at the Center for New Student & Family Programs, working specifically with First-Year  Programs. She received her B.A. in Latin American Studies from Willamette University. It was at Willamette that her  passion for social justice and higher education developed. AmeriCorps VISTA brought her to Salt Lake City where she    worked for Salt Lake Community College in a variety of capacities and where she fostered her love for climbing, camping,  running, and other forms of outdoor merriment. Zoe is currently a second year master’s student in the Education      Leadership & Policy program at the University of Utah.




Kimiko Miyashima (She, Her, Hers) - Graduate Assistant for Transfer Programs

 Kimi is a Graduate Assistant in the Center for New Student & Family Programs, working with Parent & Family Programs.    Born in Los Angeles but raised in Salt Lake City, Kimi has been a Utah fan for many, many years.  Before starting in our  office, Kimi attended Loyola Marymount University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, while  minoring in Film Studies and Peace Studies.  She has worked as a Student-Athlete Mentor at LMU and the U, and is  passionate about helping students thrive in and out of the classroom.  She is a second year master's student in the  Educational Leadership & Policy program at the University of Utah. 



Cody Clements (He, Him, His) - Graduate Assistant for First Year Programs

 Cody is a Graduate Assistant at the Center for New Student and Family Programs. His primary focus is working with  Swoop Camp. Cody received a B.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in Theology at Saint Vincent College which is located in  Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Cody worked full time at Landmark College as a Resident Dean. He assisted students residentially  who had learning differences such as ADHD, Dyslexia, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Cody is currently in the first year of his master’s  program with the Educational Leadership and Policy program at the University of Utah. When not in  the office Cody can be seen playing Ultimate Frisbee, Foosball, Disc Golf, or anything else that can be called a game.




   Caroline Ranger (She, Her, Hers) - Orientation Team Leader

   Hometown:  Scottsdale, Arizona

   Major:  Athletic Training

   Classification:  Sophomore

   Fun Fact:  In 5th grade I got 100% on all of my social studies tests



E. Barrowes

   Edward Barrowes (She, Her, Hers) - Orientation Team Leader

   Hometown:  Salt Lake City, Utah

   Major:  Biomedical Engineering

   Classification:  Sophomore

   Fun Fact:  Rubik's Cube aficionado



G. Martinez

  Gabe Martinez (He, Him, His) - Orientation Team Leader

   Hometown:  Marana, Arizona

   Major:  Nursing

   Classification:  Sophomore

   Fun Fact: I have 20 fingers and toes, and love ice cream



S. Cronin

   Sarah Cronin (She, Her, Hers) - Orientation Team Leader

   Hometown:  Tokyo, Japan

   Major:  Biology

   Classification:  Sophomore

   Fun Fact:  I can only eat in even numbers



Maya C.

   Maya Correa (She, Her, Hers) - Office Assistant

   Hometown:  Caldwell, Idaho

   Major:  Health Society & Policy

   Classification:  Sophomore

   Fun Fact:  I LOVE Sloths with all my heart! Coincidentally can fall asleep pretty much instantly if I wish. 


Sarah C.

   Sarah Czaja (She, Her, Hers) - Office Assistant

   Hometown:  Mission Viejo, California

   Major:  Pre Nursing

   Classification:  Sophomore

   Fun Fact:  I recently made my first snowman. 

Tina P.

  Tina Pham (She, Her, Hers) - Office Assistant

   Hometown:  Sandy, Utah 

   Major:  Social Work and Psychology

   Classification:  Junior

   Fun Fact:  I love potatoes, specifically tater tots. 




   Elizabeth Pohl (She, Her, Hers) - Office Assistant

   Hometown:  Boise, Idaho

   Major:  International Studies & Political Science

   Classification:  Junior

   Fun Fact:  "Whales are my favorite animals."



Last Updated: 2/13/18