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Before registering for classes all transfer students must:

  • Attend Orientation: All transfer students entering the University of Utah will attend a Transfer Orientation program. To sign up for an orientation visit the Orientation homepage, select the semester you were admitted for, and register for a corresponding date.

    orientation Registration 

  • Speak with an Academic Advisor: Transfer students must meet with an academic advisor after being admitted to the University of Utah prior to registering for classes.

How do I make an appointment with an academic advisor?

There are two types of advising at the University of Utah.

  • Departmental Advising: If you know which major you are planning to pursue, schedule an appointment with a major or departmental advisor. View a list of departmental advisors or visit the departmental website. Your departmental advisor will help you understand the requirements that are specific to your major.
  • General Advising: If you are unsure of your major, or undecided, you will meet with an advisor in the Transfer Office at the Academic Advising Center. Call 801-581-8146 for an appointment. A University College advisor will answer questions concerning General Education and Bachelor’s Degree requirements, as well as assist you in finding an academic major.

Who do I talk to about which requirements are fulfilled by the courses I have transferred to the University of Utah?

  • First, run a DARS (Degree Audit Report System). A DARS report is a document that students access electronically, that tracks your progress toward graduation, lists university graduation requirements and what coursework you have completed up to the current time, including courses you have transferred to the U. To generate a DARS report, log in to the Campus Information System. The report also lists major requirements; however, work closely with your departmental advisor to determine applicability of transfer work. DARS reports are generated in the GRADUATION Tab of the Campus Information System.
  • If you think a transfer course could fulfill a University Graduation Requirement, make an appointment and bring a description and syllabus from that course to the Transfer Office at the Academic Advising Center.
  • If you think a transfer course could fulfill a major requirement, take a course description and syllabus to your departmental advisor.

How do I register for a math course?

  • Evaluation of math courses taken at your previous institution will determine your placement into math classes at the University of Utah. If you have met the prerequisites, in part or full, through transfer math classes, then you will likely need a permission code to register for a math class. You can request a permission code for a math class at
  • If you have not taken a math course previously, you will be required to take the Accuplacer math placement exam to determine which math course you should take. This exam does not take place at orientation. Students are responsible for making arrangements to take the exam by contacting the Testing Center, 801-585-1932. The fee for the math placement exam is included in your matriculation fee.
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For additional transfer student resources and information visit the Transfer Office homepage.

Last Updated: 5/26/17